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    We offer FREE National courier delivery or you have the option of calling us to arrange a time for pick up from one of our store in Royal Oak or Howick Pakuranga area in Auckland.

    All couriers are sent with "Track and Trace" facility using reputed courier agencies like NZ Courier, Courier Post, Castle Parcel etc.

    Indicative delivery time frames are:

    • Auckland and North Island: Next working day if order is placed before 11am on a working day.
    • South Island: Within 3 to 4 working days if order is placed before 11am on a working day.

    Rural deliveries may take 1 to 2 days extra on the time frames indicated above.

    Delivery time frames are indicative only as informed to us by the courier agencies. Once the item is handed over to them, we have no control over it. If you require you items urgently, it's best to check with us first so we can work out the best option to get the items to you.


    We use NZ Post for all international shipping. We will email you the tracking number and website details to track your consignment. Delivery times are indicated only and will be confirmed once consignment is handed over. International orders may be subject to payment of local customs duties payable in the receiving country. The customs duty and and other charges that might occur to the consignment by the local customs authority are to be paid for by the customer. GST is not charged to orders that are exported from New Zealand.

    We will do all we can to ensure the consignment is delivered to you in perfect condition and on time. Delivery prices are calculated based on weight and are subject to change.

    Courier services do not accept deliver to Post Office boxes and signature may be required in some cases. The consignment become the recipient's property and responsibility once they have been signed for at the time of delivery.

    Please contact us in 7 days for domestic orders and 15 days for international orders if your consignment is not delivered to you or has transit damage so corrective action can be taken.



    When looking at a new bat, balance or pick up of the bat is most important point to note. It is the balance and pick up of the bat, which really counts in play rather than its weight on weighing scale.



    Knocking In is the process by which the fibers of the willow in the face and edges are compressed and knitted together to form a strong outer resistance and a shield to the impact of cricket ball. The Knocking –In process should be done carefully and thoroughly as the life and the performance of your cricket bat is determined by it to a large extent. It’s a step process that involves striking on the face of the bat and edges using ball mallet or quality old ball. Increase the force gradually until the blow is as hard as a ball hits in a game. This step is followed by a trial run of using the bat in nets or short catches with an old leather ball. This step should perform for at least two hours. Then test the bat against newer quality balls. If there are seam marks or dents please go back to the knocking step. However if there are no seam marks on the blade then it is ready for use in matches. Never knock on the back of the bat. For best results, please knock the bat at least 10 days before its use in a match.



    After a period of use a bat may start to show signs of dryness making some of the surface cracks protrude. When this happens just give the bat light sanding removing extra dirt from the surface. Then, below the front logo / sticker, apply very light coating of raw-linseed oil or special cricket bat oil onto hitting areas of the blade. Allow the bat to lie horizontally. Another two coatings of the oil on the bat should be sufficient. The main purpose of oiling is to maintain moisture levels within the blade. Never oil the splice or the shoulder of the bat.




    These are small cracks, which appear on all bats after a period of use. Their appearance on a new bat is direct result of the bat being under prepared i.e. not properly knocked-in or may be due to use of low quality, hard cricket balls. All bats will show surface cracks, THIS IS NORMAL. The main aim of knocking is to delay these cracks for as long as possible.



    These cracks are not results of faulty workmanship or defective willow. They appear due to use of under prepared bat or mistimed strokes during the play. Sometimes such strokes are unavoidable and therefore it is wise to take precautions.  Both the above problems can be minimized by application of protective sheets to face and edges of the bat.



    Ideal area to hit the ball, of the sweet spot of the bat is approximately between 10cm to 25cm from the toe of the abt. Toe is not as thick as the sweet spot of the bat and is hence more prone to damage. Striking of a ball at the base of the bat causes cracking of the toe. This can be due to hitting a Yorker. Such damaged caused must be immediately treated with application of some strong fast drying glue.


    In the field of play while at practice or playing competitively, hockey sticks can hit on each other or against a hard surface and sometimes the surface colour may chip, however, and it is important to know that this is merely cosmetic and does not impact or affect how the stick plays or compromise the performance in any way.



    We are proud about the quality of gear we offer and we get an excellent support from the Brands we represent.



    From the date of purchase, we offer a 3 month (90 day) repair or replace warranty but do not provide refunds. This is applicable to bats that are prepared properly before it’s put to regular use. For English Willow bats that are prepared properly but break horizontally i.e. "across the face" in the playing area below the front stickers within the first 3 months due to manufacturing fault, then we will repair or replace it for free.

    Repair or Replace option will be at the sole discretion of Aquila NZ Ltd. We highly recommend that all bats are knocked in and bat facing put on them before using them. Aquila NZ Ltd provide a service to to knock in the bats with a purpose built leather ball knocking machine. This ensures the bats are ready to play and is a safe and proven method that replicates mallet knocking. Please talk to us regarding this and you can see a video of this process under Unique Offers page.

    The warranty does not include issues or damage to edges (both inside and/or outside), toe cracks or handle breakages as that can be caused due to playing with inappropriate hard balls, hitting a yorker or bat impacting the ground while doing so or improper grounding between running between the wickets, or by leaving the bat in car boot as that dries the willow. Damage caused due to usage associated with facing bowling machine balls is also not included as it is not a manufacturing fault. Repair and replacement does not include additions or enhancements done on the bat like bat being sanded down to reduce weight. If it is decided to replace the bat, the costs associted with knocking in and/or adding the anti-scruff face on the new bat may be charged to the customer.


    From the date of purchase, we offer a 3 month (90 day) repair or replace warranty but do not provide refunds. This is applicable if a stick breaks in half provided it is not an intentional damage or breakage due to stick hitting aganist another stick or impact against a goal post or ground. Warranty claim will be appproved only after inspection by us.

    The warranty does not cover surface colour chips in the finish and we do not offer replacement of sticks because of the chips.



    From the date of purchase, we offer a 3 month (90 day) repair or replace warranty and do not provide refunds for gloves, batting pads and kit bags. The repair or replace warranty covers manufacturing faults only and rips or tear caused due to friction with the ball seam, rough use, slides, diving etc is not a manufacturing fault and not covered under warranty. Kit bag zip is not included in the warranty at all.



    We request you to choose carefully as we do not have to provide a refund if you have changed your mind about a particular purchase but we will work with you to a mutually acceptable resolution.

    In an unfortunate case, if you face any of the issues listed above, as a distributor we are committed to work with you to resolve the matter and ensure a mutually acceptable decision is made. This will include consideing replacing or  repairing either free or at a nominal cost depending on what we decide based on our discussions.

    If a mutually acceptable resolution is not reached, we may decide to refund the costs for the goods only excluding courier and service costs like bat knocking in, pressing, anti-scruff face, oiling etc. or any other paid repair work done.