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    At WLOW we believe in putting the highest possible quality bat in your hands without the usual branding costs. Bats are sourced from the best bat makers worldwide using premium willow, ensuring you always get the best. 

    Bat shapes and profiles are based on what international players are currently using. You are able to specify the shape of your bat, the grade willow, bat weight and handle shape. If you choose, WLOW will also oil, knock the bat in and put a protective facing on. You get exactly what you want. 

    Bats are sold blank with no stickers.
    We have test bats to view and hit some balls with, choose your willow, choose your profile from the test bats. Give them a try, then specify your choice. We have your bat made to order, ensuring you get exactly what you prefer.  

    Why risk buying a bat online without the comfort and backing of a local supplier. WLOW is New Zealand owned and operated. Keep your next bat choice simple, get what you want at a fair price. 
    WLOW. Customize your next bat, risk free.