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    Premgripp® is a new generation product with enhanced integration of grip properties to maximise the power transfer when changing direction. Designed and made in the UK, Premgripp® helps you maximise your performance!

    It's time to take your sport seriously and take your feet seriously too. Margins make the difference and Premgripp® helps you with that.

    1. Offset technology to help stimulate the blood circulation from the foot to the leg. 
    2. Integrated technology inside and outside of the foot to enhance your grip. 
    3. Fully elasticated foot giving the perfect moulded sock to foot scenario.
    4. Double density padding to ankle for enhanced protection.
    5. Extended padding in the toe area for further comfort. (Bowling socks)
    6. Corrugated in the articular area of the foot to prevent creasing. (Bowling socks)
    7. Padded sole for extra comfort. (Bowling socks)