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    Time and again we see parents, coaches and mates going through the same motion & emotions as they roll their arm or use a sidearm to give batting practice to the player trying to improve his or her game.

    It is tiring but something we all do so the player we are working with gets better!

    Although most clubs, cricket associations and/or schools have indoor nets with bowling machines, the costs to rent the bowling lanes are very high and it prevents the player and families from making it a routine.

    Typically, the indoor net sessions cost $10-20 per hour plus the cost of hiring the one off bowling machines that they may have which can be another $10-20 per hour. That means each trip costs $30-40 per hour. But there is another challenge that not many places have these facilities and the nets can be (over) booked with priority given to premier teams/players etc making it expensive and difficult to get.

    Hence, Freedom2Play are introducing our unique offer that gives you;

    1)      Facility to rent a bowling machine for a day, week or month that too when you need it

    2)      A portable unit that you can carry and use in outdoor nets (weather permitting)

    3)      A cost effective, flexible facility to rent it as a group

    When you rent a machine, routine wear an tear along with maintenance is included in the cost of the rent. Damage due to improper use is excluded.

    Of course, terms and conditions will apply which we can discuss with you in person. 

    Contact us now via email or Call us on +64 27 3733366.


    Deuce Bowling Machine

    Pro Bowling Machine

    deuce bowling machine heater pro bowling machine
    Take your game to a whole new level with the Deuce 2 Wheel Cricket Bowling Machine. With Heater Sports innovative Pivot-Head design you'll be hitting Out-Swing, In-Swing, Fastballs and Spins balls like a pro. The Deuce also includes an automatic ball feeder that holds 12 practice balls. The Deuce plugs directly into any standard wall outlet or third party battery packs may be available for convenience.
    No other Bowling machine is as versatile and affordable as the Heater Pro Cricket Bowling Machine. With Heater Sports innovative Pivot-Head design you'll be hitting Out-Swing, In-Swing, Spin and Fast balls like a pro. The Heater Pro plugs directly into any standard wall outlet.


    • Pivot-Head Design
    • Dual Wheel Variable Speed Control
    • Delivery Up To 75 MPH (121 KMPH)
    • 12 Ball Automatic Feeder
    • Fully Enclosed Wheels
    • Adjustable Release Height
    • Extended tubular Steel Legs with Rubber Tips
    • Uses Standard A/C Power
    • Dual Wheel Speed Control adjusts for a swing variation
    • Automatic Feeder delivers a ball every 10 seconds
    • Fully Enclosed Wheels provide maximum safety
    • Strong Steel Legs for stability
    • Pivot-Head design to Out-Swing, In-Swing, Fastballs and Spin deliveries


    • Innovative Pivot-Head Design
    • Variable Speed Control
    • Fully Enclosed Wheel
    • Adjustable Pitch Height
    • 12 Ball Automatic Feeder
    • Extended Tubular Steel Legs with Rubber Tips
    • Uses Standard A/C Power
    • Speed Up To 60 MPH / ~ 100 KMPH (Lite ball) and 50 MPH / 80 KMPH (Regular Ball)


    See our bowling machines in action!