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Passion, knowledge, energy and enthusiasm.

We are hockey, it’s what we do.
We eat, sleep, breath hockey … sometimes we wonder about that, but it is what we do.
We focus, we are not distracted by other sports, diluting our time and efforts, we get it and more importantly, we care.
Simple as that.

Across the business; from our UK head office team through all of global agents, distributors and partners, we have experience in and still do play at a variety of performance levels. Whether you are an elite Olympian striving for the very highest accolade or just out for a Saturday afternoon knock around, we get it, we care and we want to help you play to your best; to give you the best that we can, at a price you can afford.

During our 40 years in the hockey business we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience that we channel directly in to our supply and production channels, our passion for the beautiful game doesn’t let us rest on our laurels, we are constantly looking to improve, develop, create and evolve to meet the changing demands of the game. To ensure we are all that we can be for you, the warrior hockey player.

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